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Marked with the cross of Christ forever, we WORSHIP the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, WITNESS to God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ, WELCOME all into our community of faith.

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God’s work.

Our Hands


In my January report to the church council, I reflected on the process of prayerfully discerning what the Spirit is calling us to do in the year ahead. There were some good observations made by our congregational discernment prayer process over the past fifteen months.

This year, one of the main things that I would like to focus on within the congregation is faith

formation. We have developed into a strong faith community that has a visible and influential ministry and missional presence within our community. We have tackled a building project that many thought couldn’t be accomplished. Now it is time to return to our first love – our Lord, Jesus Christ and the Good News of our life in him. It is time to dig into the word of God and remind

ourselves why we exist and do what we do. In the words of St. Paul, it is time to work on growing in "the knowledge of the Son of God, to maturity, to the full stature of Christ. (Ephesians 4:13)"

To that end, I would like to invite everyone to join in a congregation-wide practice of Lenten

devotion. I realize that many of you already have devotional practices including using "Christ in Our Home." This is something just a little different. I am suggesting that for the season of Lent, together we all use the same devotional book written specifically for Lent. The book is called

"Too Deep for Words" and is a journey through Paul’s letter to the Romans.

Instead of "giving something up" for Lent, consider picking up this resource and joining your brothers and sisters on the journey of Lent. In is a perfect time for continue the practice of

being rooted and growing in Christ.

The book is available through Augsburg Fortress in regular and large print editions. We will be happy to place a single order for anyone in the congregation who is interested in journeying

together during the season of Lent. If you would like us to order a copy for you, please let the church office know by Thursday, February 23, 2014 so that we will have time to receive the order before March 2, 2014.

If you would like to order your own copy or if you are a technology-friendly reader and prefer to read an electronic version, information for ordering the book in print or electronic format is given below.

In Christ (+) Pastor Katie


(800) 328-4648



ISBN: 9781451479249

Item No: ED025836


When it comes to congregational finances, it seems like it should be simple—the money comes in, the money goes out. Actually, some areas of finances in congregations are a little bit more compli-cated. The money comes in from multiple sources for multiple different purposes. Sometimes, what we give to the church isn’t money at all, but rather in-kind items—food pantry donations, books for the library, fabric for the sewing group, etc. Keeping track of it all and understanding how it affects us as individuals in the congregation can be a little confusing and sometimes very frustrating. Here are a few tips and reminders that you might find helpful.


It is a loving act to give a memorial to the church in honor or memory of a loved one. Doing so is a way of allowing their legacy of faith to live on through the ministry of the congregation. The Council establishes Memorial Funds for ministries or large capital purchases that are above and beyond our normal operating expenses and ministries. When you give a memorial donation to Grace you may designate the gift to any of the established Memorial Funds or the general operating fund. If you do not designate a fund, the gift will go to one of two places—the General Memorial Fund or, if the memorial is for a recently deceased member of Grace, undesignated memorial gifts will go to the fund preferred by the family of the deceased. CURRENTLY ESTABLISHED MEMORIAL FUNDS ARE: GENERAL MEMORIAL, TUITION, GRACE’S TABLE FOOD PANTRY, RENOVATION, FLOWER FUND. (Please note that memorial donations to the Renovation Fund are considered ex-tra-mile giving and are not credited against a letter of intent.)

In-Kind Gifts:

In addition to or instead of monetary gifts, many people choose to give tangible items or services to enhance the ministry of Grace. Recent examples of this are donations of occasional tables for the worship area for our communion cups and items for the food pantry. When you give an in-kind gift to Grace, please keep your receipts to give to your tax preparer for income tax purposes.

Financial Statements:

The congregation keeps track of the monetary donations of members or non-members who attend worship regularly and give their offerings to Grace. In-kind gifts are generally not recorded on finan-cial statements. (See note above.) Memorials and general offerings are recorded on the financial statements by the Office Administrator only after they have been received and processed by the counters. Copies of financial statements are mailed in July and January. Please review your state-ment as soon after it is received as possible so that we may reconcile any discrepancies in a timely manner. Year-end statements are mailed no later than January 31. Please review them and call the church office ASAP if there is a discrepancy. This reduces stress when it is time for tax preparation.


Errors do occur. Questions about donations should be referred to the Director of Stewardship/Finance or the Office Administrator. Please be gracious in following through in the event that you find an error on your statement. The process is complex and the interruptions are many. Keep in mind that those who are counting and recording are volunteers who are asked by the Stew-ardship Team to do so and chose to serve in this capacity. They are not trained financial profession-als. Also remember that the Office Administrator does not record anything that has not been record-ed and given to her by the counters. NOTE: The Treasurer is responsible for disbursing funds only. He does not handle any cash or record donations.

There will be NO Quiet

Communion in February. We will have Quiet Communion with imposition of ashes on March 5, 2014, which is

Ash Wednesday.

MORNING PRAYER is held every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:15am in the sanctuary.

Everyone is invited.

Ash Wednesday Services will be held on March 5, 2014 at 7:00PM. Come join us for Worship on this day that begins the Lenten Season.

Baptized on December 1, 2013 was

Paisley Ramae Todd, daughter of Erin

VanCauwenbergh and Andrew Todd. We rejoice with Paisley and her family and

welcome her into the Kingdom of God.

Our Christian Sympathy to the family and friends of Duane L. Gardner, who

passed away on January 6, 2014.

We all know how time seems to fly so that means Grace’s annual Time and Talents Auction is just around the corner. This year’s event will be held on Sunday, March 2nd. Participants can enjoy a light brunch in the fellowship hall after service and the auction will be held immediately after the brunch. Grace has many talent-ed members of all ages and members who give graciously of their time and energy. Please start thinking about what talent, handmade goods, or gift of time you will make available for our 2014 Time and Talents Auction and plan to join in on this year’s fun.

Ladies!! Save the date!! Thurs. and Fri. June 19 & 20, 2014

By Jan Ransom

That’s when next year’s "Ladies’ Day-The Beauty of Broken" will be in Gull Lake, MI. My first time was last year and was such a rewarding experience that I can’t wait to go back! We leave Thursday afternoon and stay at a Hampton Inn on Thursday night. Hampton Inn has a social room where, after dinner, we socialize and learn a little bit more about each other. Then on Friday we travel to Gull Lake for an inspiring day with speaker, Elisa Morgan who is the publisher of Full-Fill (www.fullfill.org) and Country Gospel musician, Lindsay Huggins. The pro-gram ends at 3:00 PM and we are home by 7:00 PM. We are going to get a group rate for tickets. So let me know if you are going, or if you have questions, by call-ing my cell: 419-357-3571.


Members’ financial statements for the calendar year 2013 will be mailed to all members homes during the month of January. If you have not re-ceived your financial statement for tax purposes by February 1st, please contact the church office.

Sunday Worship will NOT be cancelled unless there is a Level 3 Snow Emergency declared for Erie County. HOWEVER, PLEASE USE YOUR OWN DISCRETION ABOUT THE SAFETY OF THE ROADS YOU WILL TRAVEL.

The 2014 Flower Chart has been posted in the front coat room. We invite you to sign up for your special date.

In Memory of Bonnie Worcester by: In Memory of Loved Ones:

Bill & Jeanette Smith Myrtle Weaver

Jeff & Christine Bohn

In Memory of Samuel & Isabelle Snowden by:

S. Lynn Mallinak

In Memory of Glen & Eleanor Klein by: In Memory Othmar Kehres by:

Gini & Patrick Casey Delores Meggitt

In Memory of Duane Gardner by:

Dennis & Valarie Grahl John Heinzerling Dave & Bev Mix

Nancy Bath Rhonda Rice Jack & Virginia Bohn

Kim Bolinger Tim & Chris Niemeyer Bob & Alice Bertsch

Connie Mellein Kim Densmore Likes Bill & Jeanette Smith

Bill & Gini German Kay Loroff Jeff & Chris Bohn

John & Nancy Hagelberger David Myers Dora Myers

David & Sally Warner Kathy Doublin Barden Graves

Charles & Fran Warner Marilyn Cummings Harold & Carol Balduff

Jean Smith Sondra VanCauwenbergh

In Memory of June Ried by:

Dennis & Valarie Grahl Orlan & Helen Kuns Joan Crawford

Don & Alice Kuns Dick & Phyllis Behnke Daniel Hire

Judy Byington & Family Linda Kuns

In Memory of Marge Bodey by: In Memory of David Estep by:

Sondra VanCauwenbergh Sondra VanCauwenbergh

In Memory of Robert Ried by: In Memory of Lillian Neuschler by:

Dick & Phyllis Behnke Linda Kuns

The next Community Meal will be held on

February 12, 2014 from 5-7PM. We will not be having Community Meals in March and April, dur-ing Lent. We will begin having Lenten

Suppers on March 12th, and continuing each Wednesday of Lent.

To have your prayer request placed

on the Grace Prayer Chain, please contact Carole Kuns at 419-684-5887.



Please note that the deadline for Newsletter submissions is the 20th of each month. Thank you very much for your assistance in this pro-cess.

Grace’s Table

We would once again like to thank the membership of Grace, and also the community, for supporting Grace’s Table Food Pantry. The need for assistance for many families in our community continues. On the January pantry day, we provided 50 families with food and other items. Our shelves are once again pretty empty. If you are able to help with do-nations, we are in need of hearty soups and stews, peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, canned meat and fish, rice and beans, canned fruits and vegetables, canned juices, hot and cold break-fast cereals, baking mixes, pastas and canned sauc-es, pet food, paper products, body soaps, laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, and baby items.

God’s Blessing, Linda Paule and Crew

February 3: Home—7:30pm

February 10: At Zion 5—7:30pm

February 17: Home —7:30pm

February 24: At Venice 3—7:30PM

1. Mel Myerholtz, Kyle Veliz, Benjamin Virant

5. Renee Farmerie, Kristin Moffett

8. Madilyn Grimm

10. Linda Kuns, Steven Sessler

11. Evelyn Baum, Myles Keegan

13. Courtnee Ambos, Derek Laird, Kim Scherz

14. Tabitha Jones

16. Rob Hawn

17. Jeri Conyer

18. Wayne Miller, Terry Myers, Lisa Steager

19. Charity Hupp

20. Jana Berg

21. Nancy Bath

22. Andrew Yetter

23. Jace Berg

27. Aaron Ramon, Len Kuns, Amanda Dauch, Kim Gysan

Austin Spicer, Kim Bolinger

28. Larry Robinett

Note: If we have omitted your birthday or baptismal anniversary on our list, please contact the Church Office to correct this error.


Remember to let Brenda know when you will be heading south so we can keep you up to date with the happenings at Grace!

Karen Bard

Dustin Bosworth

Karen Brandal

James Churchill

Lincoln Churchill

Trisha Dauch

Brittani Fisher

Tina France

Kyle Galindo

Craig Galindo

Byran Gast

Carol Greene

John Hagelberger

Daniel Kehres

Nathan Kuns

Gladys Kuns

Adam Kuns

Carolyn Lickfelt

Mary Alice Riesterer

Mary Roegge

Grace Sessler

Logan Simpson

Jeanette Smith

Randy Troike

Traci Weyer

Alexis Wiedenheft

Ernest Yetter

Natalie Zorn

Congratulations to Amy and Zach Didion on the birth of their daughter, Mia Brynn, on

January 9, 2014.


Feb. 28: Lillian and Ernie Yetter—61 years


Circle 4 will meet February 5th at 9:30AM

Circle 3 will meet February 11th at 2:00PM

Circle 5 will meet February 4th at 7:00PM

All Meetings held at the Church unless otherwise noted.

SEWING: We need material for sewing our quilts. If you have any clean old sheets, blankets or material to donate, please bring it to the church kitchen and mark it WOC. Thank you.


The Sewing Ladies, will be meeting on February 19th and 26th from

1-3pm. We could use some mor e help in making our quilts (tying knots) and cutting around stamps. ALL ladies invited to help on any sewing day. Bring a friend and en-joy the fellowship.

Now meeting MONDAY evenings in the Gathering Area from 7:00—8:30pm. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. NO AGE LIMITS.

Bring your current project and enjoy the fellowship.

Share patterns, pointers, and laughter.

Want to learn? We can provide some extra needles, yarn, and a little instruction.

Please collect your aluminum in large bags like kitchen-sized trash bags, and then drop them off at Marilyn Cummings’ home, 818 Bardwell Road. Thank you!!

AGNES GOWITZKA: Admiral’s Pointe; 1920 Cleveland Road West, Huron, OH 44839

GLADYS KUNS: Providence Care Center; 2025 Hayes Avenue, Sandusky, OH 44870

WILLARD ROHRBACHER: Ohio Veterans Home, 3416 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, OH 44870

ALTON (BUD) FELSKE: Ohio Veterans Home, 3416 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, OH 44870

JEAN FITZ: Erie County Care Facility; 3916 E. Perkins Ave, Huron, OH 44839

JERI CONYER: Erie County Care Facility; 3916 E. Perkins Ave, Huron, OH 44839

MARY ROEGGE: Lutheran Memorial Home, 795 Bardshar Road, Sandusky, OH 44870

MEL CONYER: 1704 Waterbury Drive, Huron, OH 44839 PH: 419-433-2590

DICK & PAT DAHM: 103 Main Street, Castalia, OH 44824 PH: 419-684-7070

PAT GARDNER: 8316 Rogers Road, Castalia, OH 44824 PH: 419-684-5582

MARGARET PARKER: 108 Lowell Street, Castalia, OH 44824 PH: 419-684-5927 RUTH PARKER: 112 Lowell Street, Castalia, OH 44824 PH: 419-684-5739

EDNA WEYER: 125 St. Paul Drive, Apt. #1, Fremont, OH 43420 PH: 567-201-2216

MARY ALICE RIESTERER: 4518 Pinewood Dr. #211, Sandusky, OH 44870 PH: 419-621-5622

MAY KEHRES: 5104 State Route 269, Castalia, OH 44824 PH: 419-684-5819

PETE KUNS: 4409 State Route 269, Castalia, OH 44824 PH: 419-684-7789




February 2: Jodi Munk February 2: OPEN

February 9: Wayne Gysan February 9: Noah France

February 16: Joshua Pocock February 16: Bailey Beechler

February 23: Dane Smith February 23: OPEN


February 2: OPEN

February 9: OPEN

February 16: Larry & Kaye Krogh

February 23: OPEN


DEACONS FOR FEBRUARY: Tim & Chris Niemeyer





Date: January 21, 2014

Council: Director of:

President – Barb Rohrbacher Worship – Tim Niemeyer

Vice President – Toni Borchardt Ministry of Christian Education –Joan Lander (ab)

Treasurer- Gary Borchardt Social Ministry and Outreach- Holly Yetter (ab)

Secretary- Debbie Laird Stewardship/Finance- Delores Meggitt (ab)

Pastor Katie Suggitt (ab) Ministry for Congregational Life- Linda Paule (ab)

Church Property- Richard Seely

Meeting called to order by President Barb Rohrbacher

Mission Statement recited.


Submitted and distributed for December 16, 2013

Motion to approve minutes as corrected and submitted:

Motion: Toni Borchardt 2nd: Dick Seely Motion passed.

FINANCIAL REPORT: report reviewed by Gary Borchardt

Report Distributed

Motion to approve Financial Report as submitted and accepted for audit:

Motion: Dick Seely 2nd: Tim Niemeyer Motion passed.


Highlighted in Pastor Suggitt’s written report were the topics of

Catechism: two additional youth have joined with the total now reaching nine. Mentors are Holly Yetter, Wayne Gysan, Josh Pocock, Angela Hackenburg, and Tim Niemeyer.

The plan to focus on faith formation within the congregation including why we exist and do what we do.


STEWARDSHIP/FINANCE: Delores Meggitt – absent

WORSHIP: Tim Niemeyer

Next committee meeting scheduled for February

Plans for Lent progressing

Intention that the Hanging of the Greens to be repeated this coming December

Gary Borchardt and Tim will work with the catechism class members as acolytes.

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: Joan Lander – absent


PROPERTY: Dick Seely

Written report including:

Heating system: circulation pump for Sunday School replaced due to serious leak

Page 2

GLC Minutes

January 21, 2014

Property (continued)

Other pumps and motors checked and serviced as needed.

Elevator: annual mechanical and state inspections completed with no deficiencies in condition or operation found.

Parking lot: repair, sealing and re-striping contracted for early spring

Flower sign up chart: to be moved to the new coat rack area.

Sump pump working well at present following use of weekly maintenance program and intention of eliminating food particles and grease from entering the drains.

Gary Borchardt to contact All Phase concerning a time line for completion of the additional authorized electrical work related to the Gathering Area.

CONGREGATIONAL LIFE: Linda Paule – absent



Gary Borchardt has been in contact with the representative of Janotta and Herner concerning the Gathering Area entry

Possible installation of a changing table in the men’s restroom


Barb Rohrbacher discussed topics from the last SALM meeting

The need to educate area congregations that SALM is a part of each of them

Focus on various missions and sharing of facilities by member congregations for a variety of support meetings or non-profit uses (AA, Narcotics Anonymous, MOPS, etc.)

Synod Assembly in May at Kalahari with the Bishop conducting the Sunday service. Consideration at present is for member congregations to combine for this event.

Discussion of ELCA Youth Gathering in Detroit in July of 2015 and especially possible fundraising to support attendance of area teens.


Final stages of keypad installation in progress

Training of people for proper use of keypad to be done by company representative


Barb Rohrbacher shared a letter from the Synod that emphasized the necessity to work on mission support. Among other areas discussed were those we continue to help such as the 10% of our yearly operating fund allocated to mission support, collection of the noisy offering each week, contributions to Care and Share, Grace’s Table, and so forth.


Motion to adjourn made by Dick Seely 2nd: Tim Niemeyer Motion passed.

Next meeting: February 18, 2014

Respectfully submitted:

Deborah Laird, Grace Lutheran Church Council Secretary